A visit to the Hexagon Theatre

Hexagon Theatre

During July Parkside Pre-School visited the Hexagon Theatre in Reading. We went to see a theatre production of ‘The Scarecrows Wedding’ adapted from the children’s story book of the same title, by Julia Donaldson.

The children over the few days before the trip had heard the story and knew the main parts and characters of the story. The children we all amazed to see the characters 'come to life' before their eyes. They joined in with the singing and clapped along to the music.

The scarecrow Harry O’Hay was a firm favourite from the children. “I like Harry, he marries Betty”,“Harry saves Betty”, “He’s good”

When we returned to Pre-School the children made a choice that we should have a scarecrow in the garden. Over the next couple of days we stuffed a shirt and trousers with lots of straw, made a head and hands and created a scarecrow. The children voted to call our scarecrow ‘George’ George now stands proudly in the garden.

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