Georgie the Zoo Lab Ranger visits Parkside Pre-School

Georgie the Zoo Lab Ranger

Parkside Pre-School welcomed Georgie the Zoo Lab Ranger. Georgie came for both the morning and the afternoon sessions. She brought several different mini beasts with her. Georgie showed the children Rosie the spider, Turbo and Brian two large snails, Terri the snake and Selina the stick insect, to name a few.

The children were taught how to hold, touch and stroke each mini beast. Georgie shared her knowledge of each mini beast telling the children where each one came from and how to look after them. The children in return asked questions “Does it fly?” “What does it eat?” “Where’s its Mummy?” Some children also had their own knowledge of mini beasts and could share this too with Georgie “It’s camouflaged” “It uses its legs too stick to me!”

The children all were able to follow Georgie’s instructions to wash their hands after. Zoo Lab will be visiting us again next year.

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